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This is a complete trailer that I built from scratch to transport my welding equipment.

Welding Rig - Right View
The red trailer setup worked, but it was very top heavy and the trailer was very light.
There was a big possibility of the trailer flipping (not good).
So, I started working on the heavier trailer, below.

New trailer - phase 1

All of this work was done using the little red trailer rig, which sat off to
The side and watched its death!
Old Rig - watching

Underside was primered gray and sprayed with rubberized undercoating for sealant.
New trailer - phase 2

Trailer flipped back to "right side up" with the light surface rust still showing
on the 3/8" plate.
New trailer - phase 2 top

Most of the top has been sanded and primered, and angle iron was used on the trailer ends
to mount the fenders to.
New trailer - phase 3 primer w/ fenders

Red trailer in background is slowly being stripped down. Notice it doesn't have
an Oxy-Acetylene rig or the small crane.
New trailer - phase 3 w/ old rig

New trailer - phase 3 Left front

Painted trailer! "Battleship Gray" was selected as the trailer color.
New trailer - phase 4 Left rear

New trailer - phase 4 Left front
New trailer - phase 4 Right front
New trailer - phase 4 Right rear
New trailer - phase 4 Rear w/ ramps

A quick "side-by-side" comparison of the two trailers.
New trailer - phase 4 Trailer comparison 1

New trailer - phase 4 Trailer comparison 2

Here is my finished trailer with my welder mounted to it.
New trailer - phase 5 Operational

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